The song “Albatross” was released in June 2018 as part of the album Cornerstone.
Music, Lyrics, Production: Magnus Rosell.



There was a man
who awoke one morning,
stepped outside
and started to fly
’cause he thought he was a great big albatross

He flew away
and roamed all seven heavens
But people stared,
and birds kept pointing at him
They didn’t think he was a proper albatross
But he knew he was a standard albatross
An albatross

How could they deny
him his heart’s desire
because it doesn’t fit with their own?

He fell in love
with a beautiful seagull,
They settled down,
that is, they took to the sky
To her he came across a decent albatross
She saw him for what he was, a righteous albatross
An albatross

High up in the sky
two birds that fly
is a common scene,
nobody looks twice

By now he was an accepted albatross
As he knew he was a great big albatross
Yeah, he was a mighty albatross
A mighty albatross
A mighty albatross

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