Major of Roses is the artist name of indie singer and songwriter Magnus Rosell, based in Stockholm, Sweden. His sound is a unique combination of pop melodies and rock grit, echoing the work of artists as diverse as David Bowie, The Beatles, St. Vincent, and Massive Attack to mention but a few. All is tied together by a deep voice reminding of Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits.

Major of Roses is a one man creation, from song writing to production, the cover designs and the videos. All is made at home, true do-it-yourself, and represents the culmination of many years of spare time passion. Each song is a statement in itself and has not been finished until it found its form, and does not always adhere to a standard pop song structure. Although many of the songs are superficially simple the production is mostly very detailed.

Major of Roses started releasing music in November, 2017, and released his first full album, Cornerstone, in June 2018.

Music by Major of Roses is available on all major streaming services and more. Choose how to listen here.

Some Press

Mystic Sons: Swedish frontman blends the dark styles of Tom Waits and David Bowie on his debut single.

Santa Rosa Records: On his soulful ”Who Could Ask For More?” Magnus advocates for a more relaxed view of life.

Dancing About Architecture: It [Pry] is a song confident enough in its own skin to take its time, which revels in restraint and underplay, often as interested in what is happening between the notes as the sounds themselves.

more more sound: The background music of “Slow Down” has almost an industrial tone, which makes me think of groups such as Nine Inch Nails or Bauhaus. However, the style is decidedly more minimalistic, and the singer’s great low-key, full-bodied vocals have a way to share a message with unique words and phrasing! Major of Roses could be compared to “Low-era” David Bowie, or perhaps, to artists like Lou Reed. His vision is experimental, but also accessible, and more important, this song is driven by an interesting and personal concept that is really eye-opening and intriguing!

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